Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waves and Breakers

It was so hard to hear those words. Harder still to see the pain on his face. I haven’t seen sin work that hard on a person in at least 10 years. When we have to wear our sin for others to see, it is so harsh. So harsh. I tend to hide a lot of mine because it is so devastating to the self I have made. But today I saw myself in that raw response to sin.

Today I watched someone I love suffer.

It was the kind of suffering that can only be explained by the Fall of Man. The kind that kicks your butt before you realize you’ve been had. Do you remember the first time that kind of sin entered your life? It sucks you in before you realize it is evil. It’s like that wave on the shore that knocks you down before you get a good look at it. You are having fun, playing in the surf. Then WAM! You are swallowing bitter salt and don’t know which direction is up. At that moment you are only under two feet of murky water. But it feels like 10. If you have been to the beach, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Oh, I saw sin like that today. He didn’t know which way was up. He needed help getting out. Who do you know who needs a hand today? Give him Psalm 42:7.


Candy Pearson said...

This is why what Jesus did for us on the cross is so UNBELIEVABLY beautiful. He who knew no sin, took all of our sin. He chose to give us life by giving his own. And we don't deserve it, but that is the amazing irony of his love!

Debi Melton said...

I do relate to this. We are all sinners saved by Grace - if we are willing to accept this gift and let the Holy Spirit enter our hearts. And yet we are still surrounded by sin, and the closer we get to God, the more the evil one attacks us and those we love. Deep calls to Deep - so we need to share our strength, our faith and our love to help each other fight the spiritual battles we face in this lifetime. <3

amy said...

wow...i don't really know what to say. what an incredible way to describe such a raw, painful experience. i do not have to go back very far at all to relate. it is truly devastating...but then again so is God's love. Just as i have felt completely overwhelmed by my sin....God's answer is to overwhelm with His love and mercy. i don't know that i have ever felt more desperate for Him than the times i felt utterly destroyed and completely hollowed out by sin. But
He made a way for people like me...a sinner.
i will be praying for your friend...and many others.
love you so much.

Cindy said...

Wow! I lov that...God's love is devastating. Yes it is. It devastates what I have done!!