Friday, May 08, 2009

In the Moment

"Mom, look at this lake!" Oh, to have had a camera in my hand. The rain had made a puddle larger than life. And lucky Jett! He had remembered his rain boots before jumping in the car for the horse farm. Some of my best homeschool memories this year have been made at this little place tucked away in north Georgia. Today was no exception.

The sun was peaking through clouds just as we arrived. By the time we left, we were so messed up we had to forgo our Walmart run. But man, did Jett enjoy that puddle. He was so proud of the amount of mud on his boots and chunks of nature he had tossed into the slime.

The best part was the excitement on his face. I hope I never forget that smile. He was alive. He was in the moment.

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Danny said...

If Jett is nothing else, he is alive and in the moment! Great post!