Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ink for Africa

When Rebekah left her sweet comment on my post, she made my mom cry. Yes, I like to homeschool and bake and pick blueberries, and I wear an apron everyday. But I also like to invite my friends over for tattoos! Here is the 'raising money for people' thing Rebekah was referring to....

You know adoption is an issue close to my heart. What you may not know is that international adoption is about $20,000 total. Danny and I have some close friends who are adopting and we want to ask all of our friends to join us in supporting them. The next step for this family is to raise an initial $2,200. So we have devised a way to help them. Some of you came to our Tats for Tots party to raise money for our globalx trip to East Asia. That party was a blast and we raised $1,200 that day for our trip.

Jamie Pierce has graciously agreed to come over again (and again) and ink for Africa. Many of you are familiar with his work as he has tattooed alot of people at North Point. Jamie attends church there and really has a heart for missions. Click on the flyer for more details. Basically, we will have a drop in party from noon to midnight on two dates: October 4th and October 11th. If you are coming to donate and hang out, stop by anytime. But if you want to be tattooed, I need to put you on schedule. You can contact me here or on facebook. We will be splitting the tattoo proceeds between Jamie and the adoption fund. So bring cash :).

I will be periodically updating on this event. Hope to see you there.

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