Monday, September 15, 2008

Easy as 1-2-3

I told you Jett is all into the school thing. Today he found some puffy alphabet stickers and covered his belly. After this art exhibit, he covered himself in tattoos. Thank you, Miriam for the boxes of books and stickers!

My goal this year is to start each school day with an activity specifically geared to Jett. This was good advice from Jeannie Fulbright. This makes him feel included and curtails that urge he has to get our attention when I am trying to read aloud. Today we played Boggle Jr. He loved matching the letters and spelling words. We also played Python Path with Dove and PJ. That game is a little difficult for him, but he went along with it. We have an Usborne Number Lotto that Jett loves. He calls it his math. He brings it out when the others gather their math books.

So what do you do with your preschoolers? I would love it if you would share your ideas with me.

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kickboxing Mama said...

Hey Girl!

I just got this numbers 0-10 card game for Ella last week-from the Dollar Spot at Target of all places!! It is Winnie the Pooh themed, and they have to match the number card, to the card with the word spelling the number, to the card with the correct number of honey pots. When they match them, they can turn them over, and it makes a picture! very cute, and Ella loves it!

She also loves this alphabet workbook, I will have to get back to you on the publisher, but you can get it at Lollipops toystore. Each page is a different letter, with the upper case and lower case pictured. At the bottom of the page are 4 pictures. they have to cut out and paste the 3 pictures that match that letter sound. ella loves anything she can cut and paste! In the back of the book there is a chart to put stickers for each page completed. It comes with the stickers too!

Ella also likes to color things in her own "journal". I will have her pick any random thing about her day to "journal" about, and she colors a picture about it.

Usbourne has a really great alphabet flash card set. It comes with two cards per letter. One side of each card has the letter, the other side has a picture. It makes it really easy and fun to create a match game, simply by laying one set on the table with the letter side up. Then showing them one picture at a time and matching them up with the corresponding letter.

Hope these helped some!