Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Biased

At least my binding is. Thanks to Jean I was able to cut my quilt binding on the bias tonight. Now there will be a candy cane swirl around the edge of my Christmas quilt. Jean (far right) opens her shop late on a regular basis so quilters can work on their projects together. I go as often as possible because it is very motivating to see what others are doing. And Jean is so gracious to help us with our projects. She taught me an easy way to do binding this week that I think I can remember. There aren't many people in the world like Jean. She has a way of making each person who comes in feel like they are important, talented and worth her time. Even if that person puts the needle in their machine crooked...I can't imagine WHO would do that!!!

This is a unique bunch. If you don't believe me, you should see us at the quilt lock-in. We sew for about 30 hours with a Waffle House break for breakfast. It really is refreshing to spend time together as people from different walks of life who have this art as our common bond.

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