Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sew Sweet

Tonight we had a little sewing class. My girls have been wanting to learn to sew by hand. So I traced some of their art onto muslin and gave a little instruction. I was so pleased with how well they could do the stem stitch. They were ecstatic! I read to them while they sewed and they just thought that was the greatest thing. Dovie said she felt like they were living the lives of Felicity and Elizabeth. Not to be outdone, Jett pulled up a chair. He got the lacing cards out and went to work. This is such an answer to prayer. I have wondered how he would do when we start our homeschool year. But over the past 4 weeks, he has been a different kid. He is focusing on toys, books and puzzles and playing well with the girls. He seems to be excited about learning. So I have some special "school" toys set aside for him for next week.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of the finished projects.


Danny said...

These are beautiful children! :)

Kirsten said...

That is so cool! This is how I picture homeschool when I do it with my kids. Pne probem- I don't know how to sew! Think you could teach me?