Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bring a Friend Week

That is what it was at my house this week. I was thinking this would be the last week of summer break so I did all the things I wanted to do. I had lunch with Jamie and Anisa on Sunday. Monday night they came over with their families. Tuesday I started painting my room and went to a homeschool moms' night. Wednesday I finished painting and went to an Invisible Children United meeting with Candy. Thursday I had lunch with Tiffany (pictured here), my dear friend who just moved back from Italy. That night I went quilting at Sew Memorable. Friday I had coffee with Millie - a lady I met through CNL who I just love, took Noah and Andrew to the movies AND attended a charity function with Philip and Dacia. I cleaned all day today then Chad and Candy came for dinner as did our new friends, the Wills family. They are the coolest family! I met Paula Tuesday at the homeschool meeting. She and her family are preparing to go to Bangkok as missionaries. I liked her the minute I met her. Our families had a good time getting to know one another tonight.

Wow. Looks crazy when I type it all out. Who fed the kids this week? Thanks to Danny, I was able to go out, paint and sew.

Wish I had taken more pictures of my friends this week. Here is one of Chad entertaining Jett with his juggling and balancing act.

That was the fun part of my week. The bummer part is that tonight it sounds like our very old refrigerator is dying. And yesterday our suburban broke down on Hwy. 400 on the way to the charity dinner. But on the bright side, the nicest guy stopped and helped us when we were stranded. He was going the opposite direction on the highway and saw Danny trying to push that suburban onto the shoulder. He turned around and pulled us with a tow strap. He took us up to exit 13, onto hwy 9 and right into our mechanic's parking lot. How about that! Then Chad and Candy left their family dinner and brought us their car so we could go on with our plans for the evening. God sent has sent some caring people in our path! I am grateful.


Danny said...

We have awesome friends.

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