Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Time to Sew

I see a new quilt in my future. I ordered these great Denyse Schmidt fabrics two years ago. What a bummer that I waited til now to use them. I want more! But it's too late. I especially like the floral on top. I have searched online to no avail. That's ok. I will create something new for my bedroom with these. I painted our bedroom this week. Check out this great color. Candy looks like she dressed to match it! I think cleaning the room was a bigger deal than painting it. I am ashamed to say how long I have let papers pile up in here. But now it is clean and, thanks to Anisa's help choosing a color, it is relaxing. The FlyLady is right: clutter is stressful!

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Michelle said...

I want to paint my bedroom! I'm a little jealous. If our landlord agrees to let us stay beyond two years, I think I'm going to reward myself by painting it another color. If you're back next summer, maybe you can help me pick one! And believe it or not, I'm working on cleaning up clutter. Yes, I have clutter.