Saturday, October 13, 2007


My boy had his first concert last night! It was so much fun. The kids are the 2nd wave of musicians in their families. The Parentals played as their opener.

Noah has often said that music is his calling. Now that he has a taste of sharing music with others, I have a feeling he will be doing this more often. It really choked me up to see my son doing what he loves. I remember when Danny and I were dating, I would hang out at his practice and go to every show big or small. When the band toured the country, I traveled on the bus with him even after Noah was born. We talked of homeschooling the kids and taking them on the road. However, after a few trips with a baby, I decided life on the road was not for me. Two years later, Danny decided he wanted to be home too. But hey, the homeschooling idea stuck!

Wouldn't it be fun if Noah picks up where Danny left off?

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