Sunday, January 27, 2013

On Time and Distraction

Urgent things pile up against the imaginary door in my mind. They disguise themselves as important in an attempt to fool me into letting them in.  If I crack the door just to humor them, they flood the creative dam I’ve constructed to protect my time.  Soon I find that I am wading in distraction, checking off a busy to-do-list, not the agenda of my heart.  My heart calls over the rushing waters of busyness, entreating me not to be swept up in the current.  

I want to do something every day worth writing in my journal.  A small act can have an enduring effect.  Reading a book to my boy when he looks lonely or bored.  Going for a walk with a daughter who needs a break from schoolwork.  Pausing as I rush from one task to the next because I hear in the tone of my teen’s voice that he wants to talk.

Put down what’s in your hand and look them in the eye, my soul tells me. But all the shoulds and musts are vying for my attention, telling me things won’t get done if I don’t do them.  Diversion tries to manipulate me, to steal from me. It grows strength and confronts me, argues that I don’t have enough time. If I will only focus my eyes on the path ahead, priorities float to the top and distractions evaporate. Truth sings out what I know in my heart: I have plenty of time. It’s wisdom I lack. I don’t need more time. I need to use my time more wisely.


j.farrell said...

**Tried to email this to you (w/ the address I have from 5 years ago!) but it didn't go through. Couldn't find a way to message this to you, so sorry for the large and personal comment! Feel free not to post it :)**

Hey there Cindy!

It's been a long time, but I sure hope you remember me! It's been five
years, goodness gracious!, but I figure China and tattoos bond people ;)
I'm a fan of your blog and have enjoyed catching up on your lives in NC!
Sounds like God has taken y'all on quite a journey! Your most recent post
was very timely in my life. Funny how God does that!

I've been thinking about y'all these days, especially since God's been
pressing orphanage ministry and homeschooling on my heart! Odd combination,
I guess :) But it makes me think of you, especially as my mind goes back to
China 2008! I ended up making my way back to China--or should I say God
paved the way!--and have been teaching here at an international school for
the past two years. I'm heading back to the states after this next year to
plug into orphan ministry/adoption work. Hopefully :)

Thanks for being an encouragement (even indirectly through your blog).
Jessie []

girl on a roof said...

Jessie! I am so happy to hear from you. I will email you!