Monday, September 19, 2011

My Frosting

What if imagination and art are not frosting, but the fountainhead of human existence? My friend Megan tweeted this quote after seeing a piece of art bearing it. I find it quite validating because I thrive on stolen moments when I can exercise a little creative expression.

The temptation is to allow ourselves the freedom for creativity only when all the dishes are washed and the math problems completed. Maybe we are getting it wrong. Maybe using our imagination more would alter how we view other responsibilities.

My oldest son started high school this year and we changed his curriculum to make room for his musical pursuits. Ah the freedom of homeschooling! Much like Danny, all of our kids are creative, so I feel it my duty to model a little creativity from time to time and let the dishes wait!


Kirsten said...

You know I love this so much! This is so what homeschooling has done for me too...because with my personality it is all about the task. I think you would love this article too: made me really think!!

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder where your blog posts were! ;)


daffodil said...

It's beautiful!!
A little bit of creativity is not only pleasing for the eyes.. but also refreshing for the mind...