Saturday, January 01, 2011

Words For A New Year

Listening. That is how I spent New Year's Day. Constant rain has kept me indoors most of the day. But it's just as well. It is easier to listen this way. Instead of making lists of things I want to do in the coming year but won't, I have asked for direction. I am waiting...With my crisp clean calendar at arm's length and pen poised.

And this is what I hear: Only one thing is needful. So I keep listening.

I have a high pressure job. A lot of people depend on me. I want to get it right. What should I teach them, read to them, play with them? Ah, he says, "It's not so much what you say, but how you say it."

So we are working on my words again this year? "Yes," He says, "we will work on them until you get them right."

In the book I am reading today, I stopped to contemplate this: In all your endeavors, remember that the importance of a single word from God to man is of more value than all the treasures of earth. And respect the value of your own words. Those who carry the truth must be true. To be entrusted with God's Word is to be entrusted with the power by which the universe is held together.


Kirsten Nelson said...

Cindy- this is beautiful!! Thanks so much for writing! You just made it to my "quote journal"...."Respect the value of your own words. Those who carry truth must be true." Love you! k

Cindy said...

Oh, girl! that wasn't my quote. It came from that fabulous book you loaned me probably 3 years ago..The Final Quest. I just ordered a copy that has the next book with it..The Call. For about 2 weeks, God kept bringing that book to mind until I finally unpacked it. I needed it now. My mom is reading it too! Thank you!