Sunday, January 02, 2011

More on Listening

Capturing my thoughts has been like trying to catch that piece of paper that escapes when you open your car door. You really need it. But you don't want to look like an idiot running around the parking lot grasping for it.

I've had a difficult time with words this past year. So I was thinking...maybe God just wanted me to listen in 2010. Today it hit me. That wasn't listening. That was just prep time. God has been getting me ready to listen. My life has changed much in a year. Distractions have been removed. My life has slowed down. Things are more simple.

Remember how Zechariah heard the very voice of God in the temple? He knew his son was a prophet. He knew the Messiah was on the way. But he was not allowed to tell any of it. Can you imagine the pressure that was taken off Zechariah? He didn't have to run tell the world. He couldn't. So he just listened. I bet he heard more in that 9 months than he did his whole life!

God is teaching me to resist the urge to respond with my mouth so I can learn to listen with my heart. And it took me a year to even see what He is doing.

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Danny said...

Very cool post. You need to write a book.