Friday, May 15, 2009

In Anticipation of Birds

I finally opened the door for a peek. I could resist no longer. Every morning we watch the bluebirds at work. So we knew there had to be eggs by now. What a great find. The kids took turns standing on the old chair by the tree. And here is what we found. Now we will watch as the bluebirds work in tandem to bring food for their hungry newborn babies.

In celebration of birds, we made these bird rocks. Some were Grand Mother's Day gifts and some will sit on our patio. Thank you Crafty Crow for this fun idea.


Danny said...

The bird rocks really are awesome, hon.

Rich Stephens said...

The bird rocks....rock! :)

Nikki said...

We have a nest of bluebirds too and they've hatched! Momma has been very busy making sure her babies stay full and she is not very happy when our dog gets near her nest in our "See Rock City" birdhouse. LOVE the rocks!