Friday, December 05, 2008

Do You Like My Hat?

I have worked on this tree topper all day. Everytime I got one pick secured, another one would fall out. I sent everyone out of the room so I could concentrate. At last it was stable. Danny walked in and said, "Do you like my hat?" And of course, I laughed and in Suess fashion said, "I do. I like it. I like that hat. I like that party hat."

Silly or not, I like it. The hat stays!


Stephanie Breuner said...

Would you like it with your tea?
Yes I'd like two lumps not three.
Would you like it in a tree?
Yes, I like your millinery!

(Hope you think it's not to silly).

Cindy said...

Love it! I miss you, Stephanie!!!

amy said...

one question...where is the topper i gave you? is it hidden? i cant see it....:) you always make beautiful trees.:)