Monday, November 10, 2008


Today my little China pearl is 8 years old. On November 10, 2000, I was unaware that she was entering the world. Oh, I knew I had a daughter in China. But I did not know the details. Today I have the privilege of knowing all the details of her precious life. I get to see her drawings and receive her hugs. I get to hold her hand when she crosses the street and kiss her when she skins her knee. I marvel at her ability to keep up with things and organize the pantry; I can't even do that. Details are wonderful things.

I can't help but hurt for the woman who felt PJ enter the world. Surely she must remember this day too...wondering about the details. Oh, if she could see this picture, wouldn't her heart soar with pride? Break with passion? Long to hold the hand I am so blessed to hold? May God grant her the peace that passes understanding...and not knowing details.


Anonymous said...

i love the line... I get to see her drawings! Love it! H

Candy Pearson said...

Happy Birthday PJ!!! We love you!!

-The Pearsons

amy said...

beautiful. happy birthday pj!!

Rich Stephens said...

Happy B-Day, P-jaly D-jaly!

Love, Uncle Rich & Aunt Jamie

Stephanie Breuner said...

What a beautiful girl. Can it have been 8 years?

Happy Birthday Promise!

Danny said...

Hard to read without crying. She is so beautiful. And she's mine!