Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Things

When I was a kid, I loved receiving little trinkets; gifts from my mom or dad.  I found more pleasure in the little things than big, elaborate items.  I feel that way about God's gifts too. The little things are so personal.  When God meets a need or teaches me something that may seem insignificant to onlookers, I feel especially loved.  Kind of like he is saying, Nobody else notices that this is important to you. But I do.

Right now God is teaching me that I can't out give him.  Let me give you two examples. Last week we mailed $40 cash to a friend who needed gas money.  Two days later $230 cash showed up in a letter mailed to us.  No clue who sent it.  It was postmarked from a city where I know not a soul.  Today I slipped $20 into the purse of a friend I knew had a need.  No kidding, 10 minutes later, another friend handed me a bag with brand new dresses and shirts for each of my girls!

God is saying, See there?  You give when I say give and someone else might just be doing the same thing.  Now I know we don't give so that we can get something. And God doesn't always give such quick returns.  But today he is reinforcing a lesson that he has been teaching me this year about the purpose of money.


Candy Pearson said...

God is amazing and faithful!!! I love this about Him!! He is the perfect daddy!! :) Love ya!

Danny said...

I've known for an awfully long time that you can't outgive God. But I love new examples!