Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Value of the Vision

I've been thinking about the value vision has on my everyday life. How does it affect what I do sun-up to sun-down? Like I said yesterday, some days I see it very clearly. But other days I ask, Have I veered from the center and shifted my focus to temporal things? I often don't realize how far off track I have gotten until I am skidding on gravel. My eyes get big, my hands sweat as I grip the wheel tightly to gain control.

So how do I stay focused on an eternal perspective? Probably the first thing is to quit trying to grab the wheel! God has never failed to guide me back to his path when I've asked. That is where the Presence comes in. His Presence is my center. When I am there, I receive direction, encouragement, peace. But I live in a culture that changes the signs, reminds me what I am not, laughs at my pursuit of peace. So it is vital that I seek his Presence like I seek for my kids when they have gotten out of sight at a state park. I am frantic. I don't breathe til I know they are close.

When I am in that place, the vision is crystal clear. I am reminded how and whom I am to serve. The world around me is never going to tell me that. L.B. Cowman says the value of the vision is that it equips me for service and endurance. And that is exactly what I talked about yesterday.

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Danny said...

That's great perspective. And well said. The Value of Vision sounds like a good book title!