Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Am a Prisoner

Return to your fortress, O prisoner of hope;
even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.
Zechariah 9:12

Today I am discouraged. I feel overcome and wiped out. I was so looking forward to some good news. But I was met with nothing negative or particularly positive. When I received that message, I thought I would cave in shoulders first. But I jumped in my car and drove to Pottery Barn Outlet and shopped til I felt better. HA! Who are we kidding? This is not tv. This is an internet diary. I took my $25 cash and drove to the local K-Roger.

I quoted this scripture with such fervor that I drove up there actually believing it. I was on the phone with Kirsten when I walked up to the automatic double doors. I decided to stand just out of reach of the sensor long enough for her to impart a little H2O to my parched soul. I mean, who wants to be the woman walking into the grocery store crying, clenching a list of essentials and a small amount of cash?? I am sure I would not be the first!

But here is the beauty of the encouragement of a friend. Her words turned me back to this scripture. The word I had been quoting, His Word, dug beneath my discouragement. At first it felt like a spade, breaking me and loosening all that felt tight around the roots. But after a moment of agitation, I felt a warm hand holding my pulsating heart. My heartbeat slowed. I remembered God's promise to me today, and yesterday, and the days and days before.

I could hear that God was saying, "This is for you. Run back to me, I am your fortress. You are a prisoner of hope and that is a good thing." I could be a prisoner of many things. But I am a prisoner of hope. And I am glad.


Anonymous said...

thank you. i want to be your fellow inmate.
sometimes hope is all we have and i have to remind myself that is not a bad thing b/c of who we have hope in.
:)amy b

Kirsten said...

Okay- CRYING. Crying right now. Especially because when I got off the phone I felt like I had not helped on bit. But the Great Encourager can work throuhgh my great weakness :) I am declaring myself a fellow inmate as well!

Cindy said...

You're crying and I'm laughing! This is awesome. I love it. We've got the BOM and the Inmates. We've got 3. Who else wants to join us??