Monday, September 22, 2008


It's interesting to me how some friends are for life and some are for seasons. The lifers aren't put out with you if you don't see them for a year. They're not in this for themselves. And the seasonal friends are by no means expendable. You are just in each other's life for a time of God ordained comfort, support, and enjoyment.

I am intrigued by God's timing with my friendships. He can rekindle a dusty one when you need it, when the friend is unaware of your circumstance. He can bring a new one that may last a month or a few years. Either way the imprint we leave on one another in the exchange leaves a kind of resist that we will take into future relationships.

I am so grateful for the folks in my life today. It is amazing how much more I grow when I am interacting with people who inspire me. Hopefully I am encouraging them too.


Candy Pearson said...

Oh you are DEFINITELY encouraging!! DEFINITELY!!

Stephanie Breuner said...

count me as a Lifer friend

David said...

Wow, you really should write a book.
I mean it.

Anonymous said...

miss being in your life. you have had one of the biggest of impacts on my life. thank you.
amy b

Kirsten said...

"He can rekindle a dusty one when you need it"- love that! You really must write a book or something!

amy said...

i am so blessed to have you as a friend for life. our conversation yesterday is still in the front of my mind. we must get the girls' weekend planned. i need it!