Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snow Peas for Breakfast

This is day 5 of our visit. I just couldn't eat snow peas or greens again this morning. Though I have enjoyed them thus far. :-) Because I am helping at Michelle's, I haven't had as much Chinese food as the rest of our team. So I am not complaining! Last night we had hot and spicy fried green beans. They were awesome.

Tonight we will be reunited with the half of our team who went up north. It's hard to believe the first week will be over tomorrow. I can't wait to hear their stories of how their week went. The team in the orphanage here, had a fabulous time helping in the classroom. I can't wait to get my turn next week!


Danny Stephens said...

I hate peas. But I love you! Can't wait to get there!

Stephanie Breuner said...

Wishing you well during your trip in China.
Love Steph