Sunday, July 06, 2008

Playing House

Not able to post on my travel blog. Want to tell you all about my first day in East Asia. My friend, Michelle, came home from the hospital yesterday with her new baby boy, Kai. So today I am helping at her apartment by washing dishes, doing laundry, etc. I sometimes think of living here. So today is like playing house. Luckily, Michelle is here to help me figure out things like the washing machine because it's all written in code. :)

Here is a view from their kitchen. I'm out here putting clothes in the washer! It is really fun to look out and see so many people busy about their daily chores. Some are washing dishes, some hanging out clothes to dry, and some are wondering why I am videoing them!

Michelle went with me to the market to get something to make for lunch. But this week I will take her little girl to myself! I like an adventure! This is really fun. I feel grateful to the more than 30 folks who helped me get here. I love what my friends here have committed their lives to doing. They are the ones who make this thing happen. They are living the dream. Serving them is a big blessing!

The rest of our team is busy around town. They had orientation this morning, lunch at the Good Service Lady, and now they are sightseeing and learning about this beautiful city. Tonight we will go over our teaching plans for the week. And tomorrow they're in the classrooms!


Danny said...

Awesome post. Miss you, hon. Call me!

I've looked and looked, and still can't find Waldo anywhere in the picture!

Bosisms said...

You are doing an amazing thing, helping out that sweet family! What a gift!!
And from someone who knows EXACTLY what she is feeling with the new baby and all.
Praying for you and your team!!!
PS- the tattoo turned out so well!! I'll post pics when it's all healed. : )