Monday, April 14, 2008

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Now, I love me some Tom Petty. But he ain't got nothing on Lettie Cowman. Yes, I am going to reference Streams in the Desert again. As a matter of fact, I am going to give it a label because it is in my blood. You've got to get this book. You will need it sooner or later!

"Have you ever heard of anyone being greatly used by Christ who did not experience a special time of waiting, or a complete upset of his plans at first?"

I guess it is time pick up where I left off with my first post about our Stretching. Though we are uncertain how God will fund what he has called us to, we are not uncertain about the call. Danny keeps developing the business and God keeps showing up. We are living just a little of what we read about in February in the biographies of Rees Howells, Hudson Taylor, Brother Andrew, etc. And I don't mean the being great and godly part; I mean the suffering part! But the way it happens is so crazy that we know God is directing it. God keeps saying wait, trust, abide. As we obey, he is providing. Yesterday someone gave us a dishwasher...ours broke weeks ago. The day before that, we were surprised with $600! Danny gets extra work from unexpected places. It really is inspiring. It seems whenever we are on our knees asking God to open the flood gates, he gives us a little trickle so show he hears us but that it is not time yet. More on his Appointed Time tomorrow.


Katie said...

"Just in time" checks are the closest thing to manna that I have every experienced. I've spent many a tearful night on my knees praying that we don't have to put rent on the credit card again. "He is a hurricane, we are the trees" I love that line don't you?

amy said...

thanks for this post. i was reading streams in the desert this morning. in today's reading there is a quote from f.b. meyer that includes the line...contentment to set sail with sealed orders. it was an "aha" moment for me. for isn't that what we are doing? i have definitely been stretched in the last several months and this contentment and the knowledge that He will not forsake us are what i cling to.