Monday, March 24, 2008

True Worship

You have got to see this! Read the post entitled "Holding Worship."

My response to that picture was loud. I can't wait for my friends in East Asia to see this. They work long day after day with kids like Jefferson. In a country where there are no opportunities, no special classes, no notice of them, behind walls where no one sees, children are held up like this. It takes willing believers to hold them, love them, teach them to brush their own teeth, put on their own pants, communicate their own thoughts. And they do it. Day after day they are the arms of Jesus. Seeing this will thrill their souls!

In two months, delegates from East Asia will be visiting a few places in our fair city to observe how Americans with disabilities do life. We will show them families, schools, businesses where people with disabilities thrive. But nothing could be so beautiful as Jefferson and Matt. I wish they could see this love in action!


Rebekah said...

I saw that first thing this morning and got all choked up. Did you see the companion post on his wifes blog? Wow, what a cool thing. I was stage manage yesterday and sitting in the front row. When Andy did the prayer and invitation to stand during the 12:45 I heard a sniffle directly behind me. I turned and there was girl (early 20's) standing proudly, crying her eyes out! Her parents were looking up at her so proudly and as soon as Andy asked us all to stand and sing they both jumped out of their chairs and held on to her and sang Lift High, holding her hands. I had to find a tissue! What an amazing weekend!

Cindy Stephens said...

God is at work in our midst, isn't he?