Saturday, February 23, 2008

2nd Wav - Walking Wisely

Last night 2nd Wav got to play for 900 high schoolers. What a thrill! They did a great job on Hit Me With Your Best Shot, the song to open the event. I had to fight back the tears seeing my son up there on stage, doing what he loves to do. Noah already says he wants to follow in Danny's steps with a career in music. I believe he will do just that. God has blessed him with a gift.


Rich Stephens said...

ROCK ON, No-beast!

Uncle Rich and Aunt Jamie are HUGE fans!

We TOTALLY forgot about that gig, so we're also BAD Uncle Rich & Aunt Jamie... :(

Any chance there's any video of the event I could get my grubby little paws on?

Jamie Zwemke Stephens said...

Oophs. We did forget. darn! Next time! Keep us in the 2nd Wave loop!

Jamie Zwemke Stephens said...

oophs again! I mispelled "wav" (no e), how dare me!