Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jett's Birthday

Jett turned 3 this week. Here he is with his birthday gift...which is also Noah's birthday gift! Jett was asking for big, red drums. I was trying to convince him that he needed a little set his size. But he remembers that the last little set could not withstand his mad skills!

So I told him he would have to ask God for drums. He immediately got on his knees and prayed, "Dear God, please give me big, red drums, too big to hold." A flyer came in the mail one day showing several drum kits. Jett laid the magazine on the couch, got down on his knees and said, "Dear God, please give me drums. I want, I want," he stood up pointed at the red kit, and said, "I want these." Then he got back on his knees and said, "In Jesus' name Amen."

So of course I started scoping Craigslist for an affordable, used it. They sell so quickly that it took a while. But we got a great deal. Noah is planning on taking lessons. When Jett saw them, he just smiled really big and calmly said, "Yeah!"

By the way, there is that orange creamcicle wall!


Nikki said...

You know he is delicious! I hope he has years of fun with his present!

maggiemae and family said...

precious!! i cant believe he is 3 shut up! i remember babysitting him when he was just a peanut like it was yesterday :(

Nana said...

What a great litle guy!! And talented, too. I sure love him.