Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Worship with Homeless Friends

I've never heard him sing out this strong. He wasn't nervous or intimidated by the environment. Last night Noah led worship with Chrystina at Safehouse Outreach. It was surreal to watch Noah on stage doing what he already feels is God's calling on his young life. Grayson and Holden (friends and 2nd Wave bandmates) played in the worship band. The adults in the crowd had a blast. What joy it brought them to see these kids up there rocking their hearts out. Holden was too sick to sing so he played electric guitar with all he had. Grayson played the drums like he owned them. People sang and worshipped and smiled and yelled for more. I'm sure Danny will be posting today from a dad's point of view. What a blessing to worship along with my son. As a mom, I watched with tears in my eyes as Noah shared all that what was inside his heart with a room full of hungry and hurting men and women. After the service, we served up 300 boxes of food. Jesus was there. I'm glad I was too.


Rich Stephens said...

Sorry I missed that. Jamie & I would love to join you down there sometime soon .

Danny said...

Man, was that music good! The kids nailed it! And Chrystina, Jayce, and Dan Hannon are no slouches either.