Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wall

There are words everywhere. Words of comfort, words of promise, words of that offer strength. I stand transfixed to the words all over my bathroom wall. There are quotes from books and everyday people. I see truth from God's Word. All shimmering like gems that caught my attention on a dark day.

In desperation I have thrown all of my heart and what's left of my hope onto those walls. Some of the words are written in smooth, flowing letters. I was hope-ful that day. Other are written in mismatched script. I scribbled through tears as I stretched to reach an unmarked spot on the wall.

All those words were written as I stood on the stepstool of my faith. That step raised me to reach places I could not reach on my own. When I wonder where He is, I go back and read the wall.

1 comment:

jessica said...

i love your wall!

i have pictures all over my wall.
my family, of my sixth graders, of my little connolly, of my friends.

reminds me of everyone i love dearly and everyone who loves me dearly.
and its just finding pictures :]