Monday, December 01, 2008

Enter Advent

Advent - preparing for the coming of Christ. This is a simple way to introduce family time into your home. Celebrating Advent is one of our favorite family activities. We started doing this several years ago and it has transformed our Christmas experience. For one, Christmas doesn't seem to appear before you know it and be gone. The whole month of December becomes a celebration as we put computers, television and busyness at bay while we learn what it means to prepare our hearts for the coming of Christmas day.

The clip below introducing Advent Conspiracy is a must see. Did you realize we spend 450 billion dollars a year on Christmas? Let's face it, wouldn't our kids rather spend time playing a board game and making cookies WITH US than being pulled around from store to store as we get irritated by the crowds and traffic? I'm not saying we shouldn't buy gifts. As a family we are asking how much of the spending and busyness is necessary. How much is too much? Take a look at this video and decide for yourself.

I will be posting weekly sharing ways our family enters the four weeks of Advent. So please keep checking in. Please share your ideas with me. Are you blogging about Advent? If so, link to me.

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Mitzi said...

Preach it Sister!! Come on!
This video is very revealing. I watched it a couple of months ago and sent it out through our homeschool group. Let's "Give Presence"