Sunday, November 02, 2008


You know that feeling you get when God stirs your hear about something but he doesn’t reveal the whole picture? I have felt that lately about serving. I have written about serving in my own family. I have linked to some cool people serving in the ATL. I have listened to my friend who serves locally and is about to take that global. When Danny had that amazing experience at Safehouse and came home in awe of what he had just seen, I felt a little jealous that I was home with the kids while he worshipped with a hungry crowd. God reminded me that my hungry crowd is below the age of 12! Yes, I get out of the house plenty. But my point is that right now my first ministry is to meet the needs of this family I so desperately asked God to give me.

Yet God is stirring my heart about ministry. I don’t know exactly what it is. But I can tell it is something specific. I know there will be opportunities in which I will be able to serve with our kids. After all, as a mom I feel that the point of much of my service to them is to teach them how to serve others. But another facet of service is to teach me how to love. And there are billions of people out there who need some.

So I don’t know what God has in store for me. But these are the thoughts I was having when I started that last post. It just got really long and I never got around to addressing the stirring that inspired it.


Danny said...

Get stirred up, baby.

Nikki said...

Isn't it amazing that God stirs up your brain with these things? He knows where He wants you to go but He also wants you to figure it out! Let me know what ends up in your pot!

Candy Pearson said...

7%!!!!!!!!! :)