Sunday, November 30, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I usually don't wait this late in the season to put up our Christmas tree. But having a real tree means I have to wait til Pikes starts blowing the fake snow. Here we are with our tree. It's the one to the right. I love going to Pikes during the Christmas season. All those trees crammed into the greenhouse! Ah, the smell is divine. It is my favorite earthy smell. Ranks right above horse manure. Yeah, I know it's poop. But I love the smell of being on a farm.

Anyway, I enjoy wandering through the mass of trees, checking all sides of each flocked tree before we pick one. The kids like meandering through the rows and rows of trees. The boy working that day really wanted us to just pick a tree. I really wanted him to leave us alone. Finally we all agreed we had chosen the perfect tree. But we couldn't take it home because of the rain. The fake snow would fall off. Since that is all the snow we are likely to get in Georgia, I don't want to mess it up. We left without our tree. It was sad. Like picking out a puppy at the pound only to find out you can't take him home til he gets his shots. Yeah, I know I take this a little too seriously. But it's fun. And since I get to be the mom, there are a few things I take the liberty of being a little nutty riding the Pink Pig, driving around to look at Christmas lights, watching all the old Christmas movies and, yes, the smell of horse poop.

Hope your Christmas season is off to a fun start!


Danny said...

You said poop.

Meghan said...

I understand this perfectly.

And I like the smell of horse defecation as well. go figure.

amy said...

i smell so much poop these days...i cant say that i would be able to really enjoy the horse kind....of poop. but i do like farms. what a great picture...except you are not in it. love you!!

Cindy said...

Yeah, I wish I had asked the employee following us around to snap the pictures so I could be in it!