Thursday, August 28, 2008

Band of Misfits

I was telling some friends tonight that I refer to our group as a band of misfits. Not because we are pathetic but because we are living contrary to culture. We are taking care of each other. We find ourselves in circumstances of need, testing, struggle. This is when alot of people feel isolated. But God seems to be pulling a group of people together with invisible string. Our various paths are converging in our common desire to be used of God.

What a gift this is! True friendship is a rare treasure in these busy days. It is strength giving and edifying to have these kinds of friends. To be so low in circumstance, I find I am lifted high by the prayers and outreach of people who care about me. God wants us to bear one another’s burdens. And that is what is taking place with us...granted I am on the receiving end alot these days. This current trial I am in is opening my eyes to the needs around me. God is giving me a Biblical view of money and teaching me to slow down and notice needs around me. He is also providing opportunities for me to meet a few needs. It is really fun to strengthen those who are strengthening me.

Have any of you heard Francis Chan’s message on The Church? I listened to this Monday. It is incredible. I told Danny, "This is what our group of friends is about." Hours later our mechanic called and said, “Your car is ready and someone has anonymously paid your bill.” A friend who knew we broke down on the side of the road made our problem his problem. When something like this happens, I hear God’s voice saying, “See I haven’t forgotten about you.”

How do you get friends like this? In the words of Corky, "You find them."


Candy Pearson said...

I feel like we're in a's awesome! We should call ourselves The not...

Danny said...

The BOM! I like it. And I'd like to play Corky's quote out a bit further: "And I got Bonnie a wonderful pantsuit." Apologies to those unfamiliar with Waiting For Guffman, the best movie ever.

Meghan said...

I have always felt like a misfit.

And I adore Waiting For Guffman.

"I'm going to go home and bite my pillow."

I'm envious of your BOM. Zack and I don't have that and I really wish we did.

I'm so pleased that you guys are being covered in ways such as your car and what not. You're amazing people and you deserve more!

Hugs to you from far away.

Kirsten said...

Thanks to the Pearsons and the nice man who stopped to help with Cindy and Danny's car- and thanks to Danny and Cindy for jumping our car when the battery died a few days later! Sometimes it's hard to really see how much we need each other, especialy in this country and this culture. Friends in my neighborhood and in my surrounding communty don't need anything materially. They have enough money and don't worry about where the next meal comes from. But their hearts are desperately yearning for something they will never get by providing for themselves. They can't share what is going on inside because they think they are alone and they are afraid of what their friends will think if they don't have it together. I pray for them- and myself ad my family- about these things whenever God brings it to mind, which is pretty much all the time lately. God is working greatly in our lives on the meaning of stewardship and authentic relationship. Our need to know that someone is willing to love us in the midst of our stuff and in the midst of our trials is so deep! We desperately need to know that those who say they love us won't leave us when things get too hard or ugly. We really need each other, as my dear friend Cindy wrote once. :)