Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Things First

There is alot in my head that I want to blog about. But the days are zipping by and those thoughts are slipping away. So going back as far as I can recall, I needed to post this picture of the quilt top I finished a couple weeks ago. Here it is seen stretched over the quilting frame I can't seem to learn to use. At least it is good for displaying! I have the backing fabric all ready...it has Christmas trees and tiny little doves all over it. I'd love to start tonight. But in reality it will probably have to wait til I'm back from China. I leave in less than two weeks. Yikes! Can't wait to sit on that plane and be forced to sit still for 13 hours. I'll have to take some needle work for the flight.


Danny said...

I like it. I like it a lot.

Rebekah said...

Beautiful! But can you bring a needle on the plane? Oh, and its not 13 hours this year...16 hours 45 minutes! EeeeGads

Cindy said...

Oh, I forgot the direct flight. I brought a needle last year. But they confiscated my tiny scissors!