Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update on David

I had a chance to visit my brother in jail on Monday. It was a somber visit, but good. I had not seen him in months. I am really glad I went because Tuesday he found out he was to be moved from jail to prison. He called me about 11:30 that night. He would be processed at 2am then moved about 6am Wednesday. He was nervous. Who wouldn't be?? He is serving a four year sentence for drug related charges. My hope is that God will transform David's heart during this time. Please put his name somewhere you will see it and pray for David! He has accepted Christ and seems to be seeking Him. David has been in some dangerous situations and God has kept him alive for a reason. I believe God will finish the work He has started in David.


Samuel said...

Amber and I will certainly be praying for your family and for David.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for David and your family. It is so hard having a troubled sibling (my sister is too). Just like Cori told me, have peace that God is with David, and has always been with David. Sometimes our lives have to "blow up" for the good to shine through. Love, Julie