Friday, March 07, 2008

Love Brings Peace

When I was a little girl, my family used to eat lunch on Sundays at a place called Bunny's. I remember a waitress there named Love. My favorite part about eating at Bunny's was seeing Love. I remember thinking she was so beautiful. She always took time to talk to me and make me feel special. And I thought she had the greatest name I had ever heard.

She came to mind tonight as I was thinking how a little love goes a long way. I am a bit of an emotional creature. OK, my emotions move in and out like the tide. I'm a feeler. I am married to a feeler. I am all about the love. But doesn't the smallest amount of love bring peace to your heart? I feel like the love I get from Danny and our kids pushes me forward. It's like being at the beach when the waves are aggressive. They push me forward and it's fun and frightening all at the same time. I feel exhilarated, like I can do anything. When I am loved, I can take on the world!

Human love stirs my potential. God's love quiets my soul. It brings me peace. When I am still, and in his presence, I can sense it, feel it. I don't have to perform. I just have to show up. He loves me. And oh the peace!


Stephanie Breuner said...

lovely thoughts

amy said...

this is beautiful, cindy.