Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Power of a Book

The Shack was so good that I want to read it again. Danny read it over the weekend and loved it. I have only read one other book that so wrecked me. A Mother's Ordeal by Steven Mosher. It is a true story about forced abortion in China. Loving a daughter from China whom I know could have easily been aborted, this book touched a nerve with me.

But the thing about The Shack is that it will touch a nerve with everybody! You can't read this book and not be affected by it's message. The best part to me is that this guy has never written a book in his life! I continue to be caught up in what The Shack made so clear...that God's objective is a relationship with me. That concept has made me more emotional since reading this book. Wait! Is it possible that I could be any MORE emotional??

Now I am reading Rees Howells Intercessor. This is a great book. Not as gripping as the last read, but very timely in my life. I am learning some things about abiding. It seems one book builds on another. The message of this one is taking me a step closer to understanding/accepting that God's ways are so different from my own.

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