Monday, January 28, 2008

Look What God Did!

God did a really cool thing for our family yesterday. I just have to give him glory and share this with you. Danny and I have been operating on one car for over a year. At times people have loaned us cars to use. One friend even gave us a car but the engine blew up after two weeks! But hey, we had an extra car for two weeks! Now Danny has a new job and we could afford a car payment. But as we have been looking at cars, we have not had a peace about buying one. So this week we talked about buying one more old car and driving it til it dies. That way we could focus this next year on paying off a debt. I believe the presence of that debt is what kept us from going ahead and buying another car. So I began to pray this prayer just this week.

"God, make it so obvious what car you want us to have. That way we will know if we are to buy something we can pay cash for and wait to buy a newer car when that debt is gone."

Yesterday at church I asked a friend about a car she and her husband had for sale. She looked puzzled that we would want it. I told her about the debt and our apprehension to take on a car loan right now. She said, "Oh, you can just have our car!" Of course, I was in tears as I told her about what I was praying! Later that day she and her husband brought over the car and the title. How amazing that God would so powerfully answer that prayer and that someone would be so giving!

As the day went on, I was reminded of other incredible ways God worked in this situation. For one thing, I was supposed to go to a meeting yesterday. I would have missed church if I had gone. But I kept a friend's children so he could attend the meeting. I had such a peace that I would do more good keeping his kids than being at that meeting. Now I know why God gave me that peace! He wanted me to be a church to receive this blessing. Isn't that amazing?

So now the race is pay off our debt! If I could figure out this blogging thing a little more, I'd put a countdown or debt meter on here! Thanks to one family, we have $3,000 to put on that debt today!

Whatever you may be facing today, I hope this story encourages your heart. God cares about what we are facing big or small. I have been reading some very inspiring stories and biographies lately. One thing I noted to Danny last week is that when you look at the miracles Jesus did during his earthly ministry, some of them were the result of people doing the simple things he told them to do. Water turned to wine when someone simply poured water into the jar like Jesus told him to. A man's blind eyes were healed when he washed in the pool of Siloam like Jesus told him to. These things probably didn't make sense to the people involved. What if that man had protested, "Don't put spit on me."? But they did what Jesus told them to do and the pay off was huge! May we all do what Jesus asks us to do while we are on this earth!


Jen G said...

How awesome!!

Judy W said...

God is so Good! We were a two car family. God sent someone to buy one of our cars in order show his provision for us. So it is so encouraging to see his hand in your life. I am so encouraged by your faith in him and for standing on what he has put in your heart. There is such a pressure to follow the way of our culture and have that second car with a car payment expense. Keep going for God!!! He always honors obedience! It is a blessing to walk in it!!!

It sounds like there was a two-fold blessing. One for you and one for the couple who gave you their car!

Judy W.