Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yep...I had a thought

I realized something today. I don't have time to do much quilting, much less write about it. That stuff will come at a later season in my life. So maybe I need to write about what I am doing now.

Everyone is passionate about something. I have a new friend who is passionate about nutrition and healthy living. She knows it all. She knows so much that it is easier just to do what she does than try to figure it all out! I have another friend who is passionate about her ongoing work in China. It is inspiring just to hear what is on her heart. I love to read books written by people who are passionate about their craft. It just makes the subject matter come to life.

So what I am I passionate about? What comes naturally to me? What can I not stop doing? Homeschooling - Adoption - Being a wife and mother. Those are the things I was made to do. So that is what I will write about...when I have time to write. HA!

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